Learn to Fly Laptop Free on Business Trips

The recent ban on personal laptops on certain flights has business travelers worried about what might happen if these temporary safety measures become permanent and become a standard across airlines. How would the modern business traveller adapt to aviation with no modern convenience of a work laptop? Here are some tips to get around it.

Electronics luggage handling fees


Chris Christensen, the entrepreneur behind BloggerBridge and AmateurTraveler, has already been hit by the laptop ban in his journeys. In his view, the biggest problem is not what he can do on a flight without a notebook, but how baggage handlers will cope with assessing expensive laptops, tablets and SLR cameras. Turkish Air was managing this as best they could. They personally checked in each apparatus. They inspected it and put each separately in bubble wrap bags. The bags then went into a unique suitcase or two, which they hand-carried into the airplane. Although this procedure was inconvenient and time-consuming, at least everything arrived to its destination in working order.


Full-time digital nomad Kelly Hayes-Raitt has been travelling around for the past eight years and stocks a number of Christensen’s concerns. After all, her laptop is her livelihood. She predicts airlines will attempt to capitalize on the in-flight ban on notebooks and use it as an opportunity to generate money. She explained that she can envision business coaches advising airlines to respond by creating a more expensive ‘TLC’ luggage fee for prohibited electronics, further nickel-and-diming their clients.

More late night travel


Some business travelers who believe they cannot be productive without their laptops say they will resort to reserving late night flights to compensate for lost work hours. Jason Parks, who possesses a Columbus, Ohio, electronic advertising agency known as The Media Captain, is one such company traveller. He said, I have stress about this, I think business travelers would adapt by taking flights later in the day. I understand this is the path that I would take. I could not afford to be totally unplugged each time I travel during business hours. Travelling at night could give me peace of mind that I am not missing out on important details.

Airline rental laptops


Bruce Clark, an associate professor of marketing at North-eastern University, believes renting reusable laptops might be the reply to an across-the-board laptop ban. He pointed out that executives do not need to look at their own laptops, because of possible damage and data sensitivity.


He explained, airlines or other businesses could provide ‘disposable’ laptops which rely on a cloud management platform to store and protect data. People wouldn’t carry their own laptop, but instead could buy or lease a ‘shell’ notebook where users could upload information prior to the flight and/or download information after the flight. Provided that there’s no information saved on the notebook, it doesn’t matter whether the laptop is stolen or damaged. This is particularly useful for those in professions where workers need that crucial in-flight time to prepare for presentations soon after they land, such professions include international keynote speaking, motivational speakers and international consultants.


The creator of CutCableToday, Chris Brantner, agrees with Clark’s notion of Airlines leasing laptops: I believe that if there is ever a complete ban on notebooks, airlines will begin renting out laptops on flights. Some airlines do it with tablets already for amusement purposes. So ideally, you would have the ability to carry a flash drive or keep everything stored in the cloud, rent a notebook in-flight and get to work.

Work friendly telephones and docks


With no option to work on their laptops, many business travelers will probably turn to their phones for basic jobs. If laptop-free flying becomes the standard, it is likely that phone manufacturers will respond with a broader variety of work friendly phones especially for travel.


Jonathan Rodriguez, the founder, president and CEO of BitMar Networks, thinks phones are the best answer to any (and all) laptop bans. He advocates frequent business travelers ask their employers to provide them with mobiles that are equally good quality and intended for business use.


In Rodriquez’s view, the best company friendly Smartphone is the Windows Phone, especially the 950XL. It’s literally a hand-held computer that even functions as one, when you connect it to Continuum. The same could be said of the Samsung Galaxy 8 and 8+, which is turned into computers through the DeX Station. If Rodriguez’s estimation is right, more mobile companies may well launch business-centric mobiles that attach to compatible desktop or notebook docks.

Relaxation and socializing


Surprisingly, some jet-setting entrepreneurs are not at all concerned about the possibility of future notebook bans on flights. Mary Kaarto, a writer and conference speaker, said, she would sleep, read or really engage with anyone next to her.


Eva Doyle, the speaker, business coach and consultant behind The Reluctant Leader, stocks Kaarto’s general viewpoint. She said she would spend her long business travel hours relaxing, reading and doing occasional work on her telephone or tablet computer. Doyle thinks it is possible that cheap and rugged journey laptops (constructed to endure rough baggage handling) may become popular but also pointed out that in-flight working hasn’t been perfect, the expectation was that individuals will do work on flights, but let’s face it, even in business class, working on your own computer is a small pain. In coach, it is absolutely miserable. Many business travelers will be relieved they cannot work on flights, even if they don’t acknowledge it.


Nobody knows for certain what the future of business travel will be like, but something is clear: there is no possible ban that may quell the innovation and persistence of travelling entrepreneurs.

Shopping Guide for Sydney-Siders

The winter chill has set in this week, making it the perfect time to bring some warmer staples to your wardrobe. It is the end of the school holidays and end of year, so there’s a fantastic deal of warehouse sales going around, which you can organise same day home delivery for. Plus if you believe monogramming is gone in the world of style, think again. Sydney brand Alt.Armour is only one more go-to for many things bespoke.

Alt.Armour Monogram

At the same time in fashion that millennial pink is shaping up to be the colour of 2017 (sorry green, you did not stand a chance), the monogramming trend does not appear to be moving anywhere. Sure it looks like everything under the sun, from our pyjamas to women’s sneakers, today bears our initials, who doesn’t want to invest in a small bespoke piece?

While the vast majority of the monogramming available thus far has been quite ugly, the creative’s behind the blog and e-commerce shop Eating up with the Hannashians and Joshua Joynes of Cosmopolitan magazine have banded together to present a completely new offering at the Australian sector. Observing the current “hardware trend”, Alt. Armour provide industrial-inspired pebbled leather cross body bags, a thick string and elastic soft leather strap, with bespoke heavy-metal lettering bolted on the front. They are chic and functional enough to become your go-to accessory for work and brunch. The bag will go well with your ankle boots, iPhone, wallet and essentials and contains slots for cards.

On Trend

Grey is usually synonymous with the gloomy weather conditions of winter, but it’s going to brighten up — and get more chic — with fashion house Dior with it as one of the basic colours of the Paris Haute Couture collection. Following the exploration of blue at the ready-to-wear autumn/winter collection, designer Maria Grazia Chiuri paid tribute to the colour’s association with lavish fashion through the 40s and 50s. Sheer gowns and tailoring brought to life the various shades of grey, developing a statement. Grey also set the tone for the Valentino and Zuhair Murad collections, providing luxurious materials like velvet and tulle, embellishments, decorative textures and shapes a canvas to glow.

Grey is a Sensible colour to invest in for the seasons to come, ideal for both formal and casual looks and pairs well with both women’s and men’s dress shoes.

New on the Shelves

From the Early 1900s, it is possible to envision that the humble bra appeared quite different, meanwhile the sports bra was still some 60 years from being devised. Berlei, that is now synonymous with the sport bra in Australia, is celebrating its 100th birthday with a series of special edition styles designed by Sydney-based screen-printing artist Kate Banazi. The four designs feature colours and patterns which Banazi says evoke attributes of power and movement.

The London-born artist has collaborated with Dion Lee and Qantas but this assignment introduced parameters unique to lingerie layout. “It is a really small area. You’re utilising maybe 20 centimetres square,” she said. She enjoyed the challenge and the comparison of designing for more commercial boundaries than she does in her own work.

Sales Guide

If you do not mind a sale at a secret place, then the Designer Forum warehouse sale is one to keep on your radar this weekend. The sale will include of 80 percent off women’s, men’s and children’s clothes, stocking the likes of Camilla, Zimmermann, Bec & Bridge and Bassike. The sale location is kept top secret until Thursday, so keep your eye on the brands’ socials for upgrades.

Australian Brand Maurie & Eve are bringing their warehouse sale to Sydney for a couple of days with around 70 percent off fall and winter ’17 stock, along with samples that are chosen. Combining femininity with practicality, expect to see their signature silhouettes, structures and colors.

Synonymous With the Australian fashion trends for decades, Leona Edmiston is holding their annual two-day warehouse sale with a minimum of 60 percent off all stock. Find Leona’s classic feminine prints in the sort of vintage finds, samples, dresses from $30, kids wear from $20, $40 handbags and jewellery and women’s shoes priced at $50.

Mark your diaries, next week Paddington will play host to the cult designer clearance event, Big Fashion Sale. There will be roughly 80 percent off on 20 local and global luxury items, like clothing, jewellery, men’s and women’s shoes and purses. Designers to watch out for include Lanvin, Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Studio Elke, rag & bone and far more.

Online Boutique Esther has 80 percent off on apparel essentials at the end of financial year sale. The sale includes winter clothes and accessories from Finders Keepers, Blessed Are the Meek, Jetset Diaries, Grace and Hart and more, along with home decor and gifts, Esther also offer a same day online delivery service on all full priced and buy products.

Hansel & Gretel is holding a pop-up sale with previous season samples and collections on offer. Known for masculine shapes with female sensibilities And neutral tones, this is the perfect opportunity to capture some clothing items that will take you from the workplace to date night.

7 Reasons Why your Next Vacation Must Be in Australia

With lots of routes to go on and much more affordable choices than what was previously available, Australia is not only a dream destination – it may be the next destination. Listed below are 7 reasons why an amazing, exciting and entertaining foreign journey ought to be next in your list.

  1. It is closer than you think

Long haul flying is faster and much more relaxed than it previously was, a stop on your way may put in a fascinating additional component for your foreign experience as well. Australia is not nearby, but its distinctive charms are more reachable than you may think.


  1. It defines unique

You may like road trips or beach vacations, city breaks or wilderness activities, wildlife spotting or spectacular scenery. You may go to test delicious regional food on a trip to the Yarra Valley, or enjoy regional art and culture. An Australian trip can be as diverse as you want with the wide choices of attractions.

Australia offers magnificent, beautiful schools and stylish boutique hotels; however, you may also prefer visiting the nation in an appropriate campervan. You can test delicious contemporary Australian cooking at some of the finest restaurant and winery regions on the planet, or you could always go for some just-caught fish and toss it on the barbie. Australia is often inexpensive, but you can make it as magnificent as you want if you have some cash to splash, whatever you go with, you won’t feel as if you’re missing out.


  1. It is just like a great dessert

You can explore the country piece by piece. Australia is a large spot – a nation a continent’s size – however, you might have a better vacation by giving it your all and selecting one manageable amount. The stark reality is, you will not miss anything. Every area includes a success of activities for each style, whether it’s the Great Barrier Reef you select the wonderful east coast as well as Sydney, or Brisbane as well as the magnificent Great Ocean Road in Melbourne. Try and stick to one piece on your first trip.


  1. It is reassuringly familiar, just on the other side of the world

You can have a warm cake at a trendy lunch cafe and a great alcohol in the CBD, or watch the sun go down within the amazing sacred Aboriginal site of Uluru. You can chat to the residents in a bar about cricket, after which, have a close-up experience using the kaleidoscopic marine life of the Great Barrier Reef. Australia is a bit familiar, but amazingly unique.


  1. You can pick the weather

Australia undoubtedly will not be a disappointment if you want it warm. But the Australian climate is much more diverse than you may understand. Although it is usually stated that Melbourne may cycle through four seasons of weather in one single day, Adelaide, for example, basks in the type of pleasant summer weather that you may associate with the Mediterranean. Also with warm bikini times slipping into starlit shirtsleeve nights, Tropical North Queensland has the ideal climate, throughout the Australian winter.


  1. Australia does ‘inside’ too

There is possibly no better devotee to the planet for outdoor adventure, beach lifestyle and water sports. But don’t believe for a minute that, that is all Australia provides. Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, to mention a few, use the success of cultural attractions, from intriguing historical displays to Aboriginal art that is simply amazing. Rottnest Island – a ferry trip around the west coast – is just a great example of the contrasts from Perth or Fremantle: a house to special wildlife, picture perfect beaches, along with a fantastic small memorial focused on the area’s colourful past.


  1. Its food glorious food

Burgers, beer and barbies, is that Australian food? Well yes, however it is also recently caught fish in Lorne or Fremantle, the Yarra Valley wineries with world class wines, as well as the amazing backstreet Asian restaurants of Melbourne. We can go on and on. Australia – in a term – sommeliers and is just a foodie heaven internationally recommended by a few of the world’s greatest chefs. Not to mention the country’s more recent claim to fame, Melbourne’s coffee scene. Be sure to grab a cuppa from an all day breakfast cafe before you leave!

Some Great Traveling Tips

Make your journey memorable

If you are planning to go on a vacation soon then this article is a must read for you. Here are some amazing traveling tips which will make your vacations safe and memorable.

One of the essentials while going for a vacation is to plan it properly. You should make all the necessary arrangements before you set out for travel. This is must to ensure a smooth and a comfortable journey. Purchasing of traveling tickets well in advance is highly recommended. This is required to make your journey free from any kind of hassle.

Make all the travel arrangements on time. No matter whether you are traveling on taxis, cabs or public transport, you should ensure that you know the routes well. If possible, try to book your accommodation in advance, this will save a lot of time and effort. Your traveling agents can give some valuable advice in this regard.
Taking care of your cash is also important while going on a vacation. Many people carry too much cash with them when they are on vacation. However, this is a wrong practice. You should use credit or debit cards instead of cash. These days’ credit cards are accepted in almost every establishment. Moreover, they are safer to carry as well.

Making a list of items that you are going to carry is important. Sometimes you forget to take small yet highly useful things with you on a vacation. Thus, the best way to avoid this kind of situation is to make a checklist. Also, put a nametag on your various belongings to avoid them getting lost or misplaced.

Look at your expenses while traveling

It is a well-known fact that knowingly or unknowingly the cost of traveling shoots up a majority of the times. This fact is also a major deterrent for people to go for vacationing or for holidays. Traveling expenses has the potential to burn a huge hole in your pocket. However, you will still find a large number of people going on holidays for the simple reason that they can’t resist it. Here are some tips which will help you to plan your traveling so that you do not end up overshooting your traveling budget.

Planning is the most important step to reduce your traveling expenses. Organize your trip by drawing a proper schedule of the places you are going to visit and time you are going to stay. Make sure you also include the activities that you are planning to enjoy a vacation.

It is very important to be simple while you go for holidays and avoid extra things and stuff. This includes unnecessary expenditure on shopping, food etc. It’s not that you can’t enjoy a holiday if you have a tight budget. Thus, keep a check on your expenses.

There are some minute things that end up burning a huge hole in your pocket. These include car rentals, gasoline, special attractions, hotel extras etc. Thus, you should avoid them as far as possible. It’s better to focus on things that you wish to enjoy your travel; people to meet, things to learn and views to see.