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How To Create A Logo For Your Business

Creative designs for business is becoming a major trend, not only for digital marketing agencies.  In fact, your business logo is an important factor that can lead directly to success. You just have to make sure you use a great printing service when producing your business cards! 

To memorise all the different logos you see every day can be hard for a consumer. If you have a unique logo that is attractive and more creative – perhaps with better visual effects – then your logo might be one that customers remember. Human minds tend to memorize visual things more than letters and words, so try to come up with an appealing visual image. 

There are many different online logo creators and graphic designers that can help you design your logo.  Usually, they get you to choose icons or images, and different fonts to create a basic logo. The price can vary from around $40 for a cheap logo (online) to thousands of dollars if you work with a popular agency. 

If you’re looking for another budget alternative, you can look at a design contest platform. On these platforms, you make a brief in order to let designers know what you are looking for. The designers will then send in their designs and you can pick the one you like the best. The design contests can get you a good logo for around $300.00 (if you pick a good design contest). The downside with this option is that you will get many inexperienced designers sending you their logos. These will most likely not be worth the money.

Another option is to hire a freelancer. The freelance designer is a designer that works with you on a project basis. Every freelance designer will be different, so you need to ensure you are picking the right one for your business. This option can be riskier than the others, as you are dependent on that one individual. This way is quite cheap, but it is hard to know if you are getting a good price in this competitive market. Ensure you are communicating well and build a good relationship with the freelancer. Read reviews and only go for the designer that convinces you they can provide good results.

Graphic design tech conferences:

There are also a few tech conferences around, for example in Melbourne 2020 Pause Fest is an expo where people into design and technology will be mixing and mingling. These events are great because at a low entry price, you get the opportunity to see new tech product launches, and network with like-minded people, some of which could then become partners, employees, or even investors in your business. What a time to be alive.

Now, lastly, you have the professional design team (or an agency – as mentioned above). This is great if you run a bigger company, like an SEO marketing agency. This is a group of designers that can cost you thousands of dollars. This is a good option if you can afford it, but you need to be aware that you are paying for several people even the ones who just answer the phone. Consider whether this is worth it for your business. This is a great option for those of you who value high quality and original design. 

While you can tell the designer what you like, certain aspects are always up to the designer. That’s because they know how to make the logo memorable. If your logo has the right colours, effects and typography – then people will remember it. 

Colour psychology :

Using colour in your logo design is what you need to make sure people remember it. Consider it a priority to choose colours that will make your logo stick to people’s minds and remind them of your brand. Remember that the wrong colours also have the power to ruin the prospect and design.

Create a great combination of colours which will enhance the appearance of your logo. For this, you need to ensure you use the right colour palette. Focus on your message and think about the types of colours you use in your business. They all need to match well! You need to have at least 2 colour combinations, but don’t have any more than 4 colours, as it will look too patchy and cluttered.

Custom typography :

The good designers will make their own fonts in order to create a unique logo design for you. They will choose a custom typeface rather than the basic typefaces. The custom fonts create a monopoly type of your logo – so that nobody can copy it.