Australian Open is the ‘Happy Slam’

The Australian Open tennis tournament is known as the “Happy Slam” because for most players it is their favourite grand slam to play in. There are various reasons why players enjoy playing in this slam more than the others but perhaps the main reason is that the tournament officials actually appear to listen to what the players want and need.

It was none other than the tennis legend Roger Federer who initially dubbed the Australian Open the “Happy Slam” during one of his pre-match interviews. Always a gentleman and always an outstanding spokesperson for the sport of tennis, it’s not surprising that Federer would find a way to encapsulate how players feel about the Australian Open in such a snappy nickname that has appeared to catch on with all the players, as well as journalists.

The Australian Open is also the very first grand slam of the year so this certainly contributes as players are feeling fresher and more relaxed coming to the tournament compared to other tournaments. The daily grind of the tennis season after the Australian Open can be extremely tiring with the travel, jet lag, compulsory press events, fulfilling the demands of patrons, training, recovery, practicing, and continuous matches. Because of this, the players in the Australian Open kind of feel like the Australian Open is the first day of school. Their bodies have had the chance to recover over the off season and their minds are renewed. They’ve also had an opportunity to spend some time with their families and friends and have a break from their demanding profession.

The Australian Open is held at Melbourne Park, and in the mid 1990s, these tennis centres underwent a $25 million-dollar renovation. Afterward, the Australian Open became a carnival and party setting for tennis lovers, old and young alike. This festive spirit is contagious and is transported into the locker room where the tennis players hang out before and after their games. Walking the grounds to their practice courts, the players are greeted by the world’s friendliest fans and this also adds to the players’ enjoyment of playing in the Australian Open. Many of the best players have talked about the remarkably delighted vibe they get when they play down under.

In the Australian Open, there aren’t one, but three stadiums with fully retractable roofs. This means that even when the weather is inclement, which normally means exceedingly hot in Australia, play can continue. Because of this, the Australian Open seldom falls behind in the program, meaning that the players always get a day off in between games giving them an opportunity to recuperate fully and strategize with their staff about ways to manage their next opponent.

The Melbourne Park facilities can be found right in the centre of the downtown area, providing players and their fans many great options for dining, as well as the opportunity to go shopping at their favourite tennis stores in Melbourne. It’s also incredibly simple, given the place, to slip away for a couple hours and do some sightseeing and shopping. The tournament organisers also cater to the players’ needs in a number of other ways. For instance, the transport services to and from the centres are considered top notch by the players. The lounge area is considered the very best on the circuit and organisers still attempt to enhance it even more annually.

Although steeped with more than one-hundred years in tennis history, the Australian Open provides fans and players alike the most modern and comfortable facilities on the tennis circuit. This fact, along with the timing of this tournament and the standing of the officials to truly look after the players, makes this tournament the most popular tournament of the year. The fan base has also grown by leaps and bounds supported by the fact that the championship has made the grounds such an exciting and energetic place to be for the fans. Fans don their tennis apparel in Melbourne throughout the entire tournament. There has also been growing international television coverage of the slam, which has made many tennis fans adore the Australian Open even more. However, watching the Australian Open on television won’t ever beat actually eat attending and joining in on the festivities.