How to Bring Coastal Design into your Home

We’re so blessed in Australia — it is among the biggest islands and blessed with thousands of lovely beaches, so it is natural that people love the beachy, relaxed vibe. There are a number of simple ways to create trendy coastal home interiors in your house, which makes it a space you need to be in. Textures and patterns work well in this specific style as they include great interest without the need for strong use of colour.

Rather than making bold statements, muted and washed tones mixed with natural components complement the appearance. Think of heaps of cushions, throws and large floor cushions for those lazy summer afternoons. To help you attain this look, I am providing some important points that will assist you produce a coastal retreat on your house.


Beachy colours

A sure winner to the coastal or beachy feel is a background of white or neutral tones. Milky whites or vanilla tones work flawlessly to create a cool, tranquil background, allowing your colours to pop into a subtle manner.

Consider muted shades of blues and greens — even the traditional navy will do the job.

You may introduce your colours with accessories and furniture, allowing the impartial to be your constant motif through the space in ceilings, walls and woodwork.


Coastal furniture

Large lounges with neutral-tone slip covers are easy to fall back on and enjoy with the family. The removable covers makes having white furnishings less of a nightmare.

Larger pieces, such as sideboards, work well in washed gray timber tones, providing that outdated effect and cause them to feel lived in and comfortable. Introducing a few white or white-washed bits will make the room feel like this beach house destination most of us crave for.


Coastal decoration is about more than cubes

You don’t need to go overboard with shells and pieces of driftwood to make the relaxed coastal vibe. Rather, a subtle nod to this style will have more impact. Washed-back picture frames, big glass bowls or bottles and vases in teals and blues all work to make the ideal feeling.

Rugs are also ideal as they provide a means to introduce texture and colour. Open-weave rugs in natural fibres work nicely in almost any room for the coastal look.


Indoor plants

Indoor plants also work well for the coastal living vibe since they help to blur the lines between inside and outside.

Oversized plants with glossy and broad leaves make that island-paradise tropical feel, while the deep greens sit very nicely with the whites, neutrals, blues and washed greys. Tropical plants and flowers in oversized pots add a lush, vibrant look and feel, while still providing some additional drama to the space.


Allow the light in

Among the easiest ways to extend a coastal interior design vibe would be to open up your windows and allow the natural light in. Take down those heavy winter drapes and replace them with soft sheers, which may move with the breeze.

In case you’ve got the budget, then add some plantation shutters or the cheaper alternative of wide-blade venetian blinds to control the light on warmer days.